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Math That Maths

  • Season 1 Starts in 2023 (cancellation stamp on letter from Del)

  • Alice IS 15 (Conversation with Brady)

  • Jacob is 8 When He Disappears (Born Nov 1990, Missing Oct 1999)

Math That Didn't Math in Season 1 But We Ignored Because Season 1 was Good

  • Kat, Elliot et al were 15 in 1999 (conversation with del + Kat's entry in the Almanac). They Would NOT have been Class of 2000.

Math That May Have Mathed in Season 1 But Doesn't Math in Season 2

  • S1 - Kat & Monica Hadn't Seen Each Other Since HS Grad (Conversation in Cafe); S2 - Monica is at Kat's Proposal + Lingermore Party

  • S1 - Kat Has Been Gone for 20 Years; S2 - It was only Actually 15 (Not Even the 17 Del Claims)

  • S1 - Kat + Elliot Are Class of 2000 (*still doesn't math*); S2 - They don't Graduate College until 2007

  • S1 - Spencer (who they insisted we remember) Turns 16; S2 - Spencer (who they are now trying to convince us never existed) would have just been born at most a few weeks (but probably days) before the Lingermore Party. No way Monica is "bored" and looking for something to do

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